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Our new FACEBOOK page for the Tail's End Thrift Store!

 Thrift Store hours: Thurs, Fri & Sat 9am-3pm

"The Tailís End Thrift Store"

Located 255 Central Plank Rd (Shelter shed)

This is the place if you are looking for clothing, toys, knick-knacks, furniture and other treasures. Our prices can't be beat and all proceeds support the care of our animals and upkeep of the shelter.

And if you want to help others in need we also have Thrift Store vouchers you can purchase. With these vouchers the recipient can come on their own time to find items they might need. And if they donít use the full value of the voucher, we will reissue them another with the remaining value so they can shop at a later time. Now isnít that just a great way to help a person in need and our shelter since all Thrift Store proceeds go to the care and upkeep of our animals!


We keep our Thrift Shop open with the generous help of our board members and volunteers. With more volunteer help we would like to open the Thrift Shop even more days during the week - if you would like to help, give us a call at the shelter at 334/567-3377 or send an email to hselco@bellsouth.net

We ask that all donations be brought to our shelter during our normal shelter operating hours of Thurs-Fri-Sat 9am-3pm. If we are not there to receive your great donations, they just might not be there waiting on us the next morning. We do ask that donations be things that others might buy. We do not have the capability to repair broken appliances, inoperable electrical or mechanical items, broken tools, toys, etc. so please dispose of those accordingly. Clothing must be clean and in decent repair - please think of what you might buy for yourself if you are shopping at our store. And please do not leave garbage, rubbish or other refuse in our parking lot as that could constitute unlawful dumping.

As we are a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, all your donations are tax deductible and we will give you a tax receipt for your donation.

Thanks to all who donate as all the proceeds from our Thrift Store go to keeping our shelter open and operational.

You can email or call us and donations are greatly accepted at the Humane Societies' Shelter located at the address below....

E-mail: hselco@bellsouth.net
PHONE: (334) 567-3377 FAX: (334) 567-8774

The Humane Society Of Elmore County
255 Central Plank Road
Wetumpka, Alabama 36092



Photos below showcase our clothing store with clothes for men, women, children; shoes, purses, and more.   All are sorted and hung by sizes to make their shopping easier.


E-mail: hselco@bellsouth.net      PHONE: (334) 567-3377      FAX: (334) 567-8774

The Humane Society Of Elmore County   255 Central Plank Road (Hwy 9)  Wetumpka, Alabama 36092