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LOST/FOUND PET FORM- 1.Fill out PDF form. 2.Save PDF form on your computer. 3.Email: hselco@bellsouth.net 4.Attach PDF form to your email, along with any photos.



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If you have lost or found a pet, please contact us immediately as we may be able to help reunite your pet with you or with its owner.  Nothing makes us happier than helping a pet find its way home!  Too many owners spend days or weeks looking for their pet or assume it will come home only to find out it had been with us since the first day it went missing.  People and Animal Control Officers bring us pets from everywhere and for many reasons, so be safe and call or email us immediately – if your pet does come home, then it is simple to call (334-567-3377) or email (hselco@bellsouth.net ) us to tell us the happy news.

If your pet comes to us with a rabies or identification tag we waste no time in calling your veterinarian or the number on the ID tag as we want your pet back home with you that day.

But 95% of the pets who come to us have no collar or tags, so our next check is to see if it is microchipped.  If it is, we will look up that information and call you.  This is why keeping your microchip contact info current and accurate is so critical.

Whether or not your pet has identification (collars can come off), please fill in our on-line lost report with as much information as possible.  Please also email us (hselco@bellsouth.net ) a picture of your pet as your description and what we are seeing does not always match up.  A picture can make all the difference in getting your pet home to you quickly.  You can also bring us a picture and we can make a copy of it if you cannot leave it with us.                                                                                                                               

If you have FOUND a pet we will be happy to scan it for a microchip.  Please be aware – if you have found a pet you have a legal obligation to try and find that pet’s owner.  This can include notifying us, posting fliers, posting found notices in area newspapers and responding to lost pet notices.  Failure to take adequate measures to reunite a pet or giving a found pet away as soon as you find it is tantamount to theft of property as that pet has (or had) an owner somewhere.  Think of what you would want someone to do if they found YOUR pet.   

We take anywhere from two to a dozen lost pet reports EVERY DAY so although we search the shelter and found reports often in an effort to match lost reports with animals, it is important that you come in person to look for your pet every few days until he/she is found!   Descriptions of mixed breed animals can be difficult to match since we all interpret some things like size and coat length differently.  Knowing when and where your pet was lost also helps in putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  All of this information applies as well to FOUND pets so we can match up a LOST report and get you both together to get the pet home.

You can come to our shelter at 255 Central Plank Road, Wetumpka, AL 36092 to look for your pet during our normal operating hours of Mon – Thu 8-4; Fri 8-5 and Sat 8-3


If your pet is with us, please understand there are rules and fees associated with reclaiming your pet.
1. You must have identification to reclaim a pet.  Pet's are property in the eyes of the law and we have a responsibility to ensure we are returning them to their rightful owner.  You must show identification and we may also require proof of ownership so please bring pictures, rabies certificates, registration, etc.  If you cannot make it and want a friend or family member to pick up your pet we must know their name before-hand and that person will also be required to show identification.  There may be circumstances whereby only the owner is allowed to reclaim their pet, so please call us at 334-567-3377 to verify.
2. There are fees associated with picking up your pet:
    a.  Animal Control Pick-up fee - if your pet was brought in by an Animal Control Officer there is a fee that ranges from $15-25 depending on the jurisdiction.  These fees also increase for any subsequent pick-ups of your pet and after 3-4 pickups (again depending on jurisdiction) you may also have to go to court over your pet's running at large.
    b.  Rabies Vaccination fee - If your dog, cat or ferret is over 12 weeks of age, it is required to have a current rabies vaccination in accordance with Alabama state law.  If you do not have proof of rabies vaccination, or we cannot confirm the vaccination with your veterinarian, we must charge a $10 fee.  You will then be able to take the reclaim paperwork we give you, and your pet, to your veterinarian to get their rabies vaccination and your vet will bill us back for the $10 fee.  If your veterinarian charges over $10 then you will be responsible for the additional charge.
    c.  Boarding Fee - Our boarding fee for dogs and cats is $15 per day.  We have to care for your animal while it is with us and that takes resources of manpower, facility expenses, food, security, etc.  If you reclaim your pet the same day it comes to us we will waive the boarding fee.
3.  There may be instances whereby an Animal Control Officer instructs us to not release a pet until they (ACO) talk to the owner.  If that is the case then please understand we will not release the pet until the ACO authorizes us to release the animal in which case all normal  & rules above apply.


Additional suggestions for finding your pet:

  • Actively look around your neighborhood at dawn and dusk (times lost pets are most active).  Take your pet’s favorite squeaky toy or treats with you to get their attention.  Also take your leash with you.  If your pet plays keep-away, be patient as yelling and chasing will only make the game more fun for your pet. Punishing your pet when it does come to you will only help ensure it WON”T come to you the next time.
  • If your dog loves riding in your car, drive the area and call for your dog – many will come running just to get their ‘ride.’
  • Indoor cats that have gotten outside often do not go very far but hide under and behind anything.  They may not make a sound even if you are right next to them so you must look in any potential opening your kitty might be hiding to include neighbor’s yards, garages, culverts, etc.
  • Post lost pet flyers in your neighborhood & tell everyone in your neighborhood, especially children, who are out playing and may be more likely to notice a pet out and about.
  • Offer a ‘Reward’ for the return of your pet as that might be the motivator for some people.  And do pay the reward if your pet is returned safely to you.
  • Post fliers in high traffic areas around your home like gas stations, or at intersections.  Make the print large enough people can easily see.
  • Put a "Lost" notice in your local newspapers in the Bulletin Board, or on the various lost/found pet websites such as:

Please be aware that most of these websites do NOT send any kind of updated notification to our shelter so we will be unaware you have listed a lost or found pet in them. We also do not get all of the area newspapers or Bulletin Board, so please be sure to also notify our shelter if you have lost or found a pet.

  • Notify your area Veterinary Clinics
  • Notify your area Animal Control Officer.  To find yours in Elmore County click here.
  • Notify your mail carrier
  • Notify homes in a three to five mile radius of your home.  Your pet may take a straight trek through the woods to another home but by road that home could be miles away.  Think like your pet, not like a human, as our pets are animals and can be quite comfortable navigating forests and creeks and pastures and such.
  • Leave food and water outside for your pet with an article of your clothing or a bed your pet used. (Do not wash the item).
  • Sadly, check roadsides in the event your pet has been hit by a car.  It will be horrible to find your pet dead, but even worse for your pet to lay there injured needing your help.  Don’t delay your search – use flashlights, dress for bad weather and actively LOOK for your pet.
  • Consider notifying other area shelters (below) as people may take the pet to a shelter they are familiar with rather than the closest one to where they found the pet.


Other Shelters:


Many times pets are picked up by a Good Samaritan and taken to a shelter that is not necessarily the closest shelter to you. It is important to file lost reports with these shelters as well.

  • Montgomery Humane Society   334-409-0622
  • Prattville-Autauga Humane Society       334-358-2882
  • Lake Martin Humane Society                256-234-5533
  • Chilton County Humane Society            205-755-9170


And finally….If you find your pet...

Be sure to put a collar and ID tag on him/her immediately and please consider getting your pet microchipped!


Call everyone back to notify them that you found your pet so we can remove your lost report from our system. That helps us have less reports to look through which helps us find someone else’s pet.

It is our sincere wish that all those searching for pets are reunited with them.

E-mail: hselco@bellsouth.net      PHONE: (334) 567-3377      FAX: (334) 567-8774

The Humane Society Of Elmore County   255 Central Plank Road (Hwy 9)  Wetumpka, Alabama 36092