ALVMA Low Cost Spay/Neuter Options


State officials have informed the ALVMA that the new spay/neuter license plate has been produced and is currently being distributed to tag offices around the state. For those individuals who participated in the pre-sale campaign, simply take your receipt and the copy of your pre-commitment form to your county tag office to obtain your plate. It may be advisable to call your tag office beforehand to make sure they have received their allotment.

If you did not participate in the pre-sale campaign, you can request the new plate when your current tag comes up for renewal. The cost is the standard amount for all specialty plates - $50, and is good for one full year.

Proceeds from the pre-sale campaign and the ongoing sale of the spay/neuter plates will go to the Alabama Veterinary Medical Foundation for assisting Medicaid pet owners in the cost of having their pets spayed and neutered. This is a state wide effort.

If you need further information on the spay/neuter license plate please call the Alabama VMA office at 334-395-0086.

**Click on the link below of the Map of Counties and then click on your county to find a participating veterinary clinic.

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