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Sponsoring a pet truly helps as it can do many things.  A sponsorship can help cover the costs of things like a heartworm treatment or other veterinary costs for a pet coming to us with an acute injury or illness.  A sponsorship can help cover our spay/neuter costs so all pets can leave us already ‘fixed.’  Your support very much helps with the associated costs of the additional time & care a pet might need to stay with us to get it through an illness, or recover from starvation and mistreatment, or to socialize those that need time to learn that most humans are really not so bad.  In some cases your sponsorship can help defray all or some of the cost of an adoption but we always keep that as a pleasant surprise once an adopter is approved as we don’t someone coming to adopt a dog or cat just because it might be ‘free’ or ‘cheap.’  Sponsorships can also help with transport costs of moving pets to our rescue partners and special things like health certificates in those cases where a pet goes to another state or country (like our dogs that have gone to Canada).   And when you sponsor a pet it truly helps not only THAT pet, but so many others as every time one pet finds a home it opens a space for yet another deserving pet who is looking for their second chance at a new life!  


Petfinder  “Sponsor Me” button
We now have yet another way for you to help our pets! All of our pets posted on www.Petfinder.com now have a “Sponsor Me” button to make it that much easier to sponsor a pet and help us help our animals. When you see this link all of your dollars will go to help us care for that pet and we thank Petfinder for such a great program to help even more pets find loving and lifetime homes.


Business Support Letter
The Humane Society of Elmore County is a private, not-for-profit, humane shelter serving the citizens of Elmore County, Alabama and helping 5000 animals each year. View complete Business Support Letter.pdf

Help Support Spay/ Neuter Program
Sponsor the Spay/Neuter Program by sending a donation you may do so Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Click here


Looking for Sponsors and Public Donations..
Spaying and Neutering costs money and the Humane Society is looking for any Company or Individuals that would like to sponsor a dog or cat each month for surgery or make routine donations to help pay for the surgeries.

Sponsor Dog/Cat Run
$100- Sponsoring a Dog/Cat Run is a great way to help support the shelter. Family or Business name will run for 1 year on plaque.

Become A Member of The Humane Society Of Elmore County
Individual @ $25/year
Family @ $40/year
Lifetime @ $500/one time*
Lifetime membership benefits: name engraved on in-office plaque, first year membership includes
name on kennel run or cat space ($100 annually thereafter if want to continue), other special recognition
(will continue to receive application form each year to maintain current address and other information). If
already a Lifetime member, just complete and return to HSEC.

Business/Patron @ $150/year
Business/Patron Lifetime @ $1,000/one time**

Click Here To Print Out Membership Form


E-mail: hselco@bellsouth.net      PHONE: (334) 567-3377      FAX: (334) 567-8774

The Humane Society Of Elmore County   255 Central Plank Road (Hwy 9)  Wetumpka, Alabama 36092